Top Ten Craps Tips

Craps is a moderately simple dice game t6onlinepoker.com that is played for money online, in bricks-and-mortar casinos, and in living rooms all over the world. These craps tips have wide array of games will help players lower the house edge and win more money playing craps than they ever thought possible.

1. Play the Odds - It is a well-known fact that odds bets are the best bets that craps players can place, but most of the time they have to coincide with a line bet. Place odds bets online casino worth 100x the amount of the corresponding line bet in order to reduce the house edge to a mere 0.02 percent.
2. Avoid Bad Bets - One of the most important playing craps tips is to avoid sucker bets. Players should always avoid proposition bets as this raises the house edge to a staggering 16 percent in some cases. The potential winnings are glamorous, but the losses can quickly result in being flat broke.
3. Ignore Patterns - The gambler's most notorious mistake is to succumb to the delusion that there are patterns in the way the dice are being rolled. The dice will land where they land and there is no rhyme or reason behind it.
4. Know the Rules - There is a huge difference between playing craps and playing slots online casino or video poker. A great deal of research must go into the rules and odds before playing.
5. Watch the Dealer - Dealers are very well trained, but they are only human and mistakes can--and do--sometimes happen. Always call out a dealer on his or her mistakes and involve a boxman if the dispute cannot be resolved at the table.
6. Try Betting Systems - Betting systems are not foolproof schemes to win at craps, but they can help players better manage their money and earn more winnings in the long run.
7. Remove Posted Bets - Many craps players leave winning bets on the table during a winning streak for convenience. Players sometimes forget to remove these bets and they will remain on the table until they are eventually lost.
8. Do Not Focus on the Past - Chasing lost money, fretting over losing streaks, and even getting caught up in a winning streak can cause players to lose focus. Focus on the current game for the best results.
9. Mimic Success - Good craps players often win for a reason, so players who observe someone winning on a regular basis should watch that person to see what it is that they do differently--and then do the same.
10. Choose an Online Casino Carefully - Not all casino craps tips are designed to be used in an online setting, but this one is very important. There are rogue casinos out there that steal money and are unfair to players. Review casinos thoroughly before joining.

Craps tips, in general, cannot guarantee a player success at first, but over time these tips and strategy can help players better understand the game, the odds, and how to win more frequently. So start playing craps, and put the tips you learned here to use.