Revere Plus-Minus

Lawrence Revere is the author of the renowned book 'Playing Blackjack as a Business'. In this book of his, he wrote about several Blackjacks game and wide array of games strategies that became really popular. One of them is the Revere Plus-Minus. His book explains the Revere Plus-Minus Strategy along with other blackjack strategies. However, these strategies are now considered primitive as more and more advanced and easy strategies have now been introduced in the Blackjack world.

The Revere Plus-Minus strategy is a one level counting strategy where the cards on online poker are given counting numbers. In this counting strategy, the small cards, which consisted of the cards 2-6, were given +1 count. This was done as the cards were removed from the blackjack deck. All the ten value cards, meaning the King, the Queen, the Jack and 10, as well as the Ace are counted as -1. The neutral count cards were the rest that were left meaning the 9, 8 and 7 card.

The count number of Revere Plus-Minus strategy was very similar to that of Thorp's count. This is because both the count systems used one level counts. However, unlike Thorp, Revere did not suggest to use the basic strategy in his Revere Plus-Minus strategy. Revere's strategy was dependent on how negative or positive the count came off as. For example, if the count came off as similar to or higher than +1, then the player should hit instead of standing against dealer's 3-6 cards.

You can see in Global Live Casino that the Revere Plus-Minus strategy was meant for the players to wager according to how much the count came off as. When the count came off as +1 or less, the players are advised to bet just a single unit whereas +2 or higher count meant for a bet of 2 units. Revere Plus-minus system might have lost its charm now but for its time, it was one of the best strategies to boot.