Concise Rules For 'Omaha High And Omaha Hi-Lo

If your poker games have been lately into Omaha High, then fear not. Get yourself braced for Omaha Hi Lo, because its rules are almost similar to Omaha High. The real difference in both of them counts at Showdown. Omaha Hi Lo or Omaha 8-Or-Better is immensely popular, in online and land based settings.

Let's assume that you are on familiar grounds with Omaha High, read on to get familiar towards Omaha Hi-Lo;

High Times;

Omaha High Lo has an identical hand as compared to Omaha High. You don't have to look forward to prerequisites for High, which means that there is going to be a winning high hand mostly.

Low Times;

Here is the knotty part Low hands have to be eligible for winning the lower half of that pot.

- Your low hand will constitute 2 cards from your side and rest (3) will be from the board.

- Your High Hand cards are not going to affect the low ones. Feel free to cut loose and use same cards or different ones from your hand.

- If you have a low hand value with cards consisting of a below '8' value then you are considered qualified.

- Don't get too cocky because those Aces are going to be counted as 'Low' in Low Hands.

- It will be your lucky day if there isn't any qualifying low hand from anyone. The whole pot will be yours as easy as 1-2-3.

- You are not playing a 'Declare' poker game so you are under no obligations towards yelling out about your half of the pot in beginning of the hand(s).

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